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  • 1. The girl ________ for Japan next week.
    B.is leave
    C.is leaving
  • 2. It’s hard for a woman to run after fashion as it _______ so quickly.
    A.has changed
    B.has been changing
    C.was changed
    D.is changed
  • 3.
    The human nose is an underestimated tool. Humans are often thought to be 1___smellers compared with animals, but this is largely because, unlike animals, we stand upright. This means that our noses are 2 to detecting those smells which float through the air, 3 the majority of smells which stick to surfaces. In fact though, we are extremely sensitive to smells, even if we do not generally realize it. Our noses are capable of 4 human smells even when these are 5 to far below one part in one million.
    6 , some people find that they can smell one type of flower but not another, while others are sensitive to the smells of both flowers. This may be because some people do not have the genes necessary to generate 7 smell receptors in the nose. These receptors are the cells which sense smells and send 8 to the brain. However, it has been found that even people insensitive to a certain smell at first can suddenly become sensitive to it when 9 to it often enough.
    The 10 for insensitivity to smell seems to be that brain finds it 11 to keep all smell receptors working all the time but can 12 new receptors if necessary. This may also explain why we are not usually sensitive to our own smells we simply do not need to be. We are not 13 of the usual smell of our own house but we 14 new smells when we visit someone else's. The brain finds it best to keep smell receptors _15 for unfamiliar and emergency signals such as the smell of smoke, which might indicate the danger of fire.

    1. A. sensitive

    B. outstanding

    C. insensitive

    D. awkward

    2. A. limited

    B. committed

    C. devoted

    D. conducted

    3. A. catching

    B. ignoring

    C. missing

    D. tracking

    4. A. distinguishing

    B. discovering

    C. determining

    D. detecting

    5. A. reduced

    B. reserved

    C. rescued

    D. refused

    6. A. Fortunately

    B. Strangely

    C Happily

    D. Amazingly

    7. A. unusual

    B. particular

    C. unique

    D. typical

    8. A. signs

    B. information

    C. messages

    D. signals

    9. A. subjected

    B. left

    C. drawn

    D. exposed

    10A. expectation

    B. expression

    C. extension

    D. explanation

    11.A convenient

    B. competitive

    C. inefficient

    D. adequate

    12.A introduce

    B. gather

    C. develop

    D. produce

    13.A sure

    B. sick

    C. aware

    D tired

    14.A tolerate

    B. resist

    C. neglect

    D. notice

    15.A available

    B. reliable

    C. valuable

    D. suitable

  • 4. He is one of the most famous film________( 明星)
  • 5. (2013·青岛二模)She wanted a job, ________ she had never experienced before.
  • 6. Miss Chang plans to drop by her uncle when she reaches Beijing.
    B.drive to visit
    D.come over to
  • 7. I come from a city on the United States’east coast. It’s a ten-hour flight for me to get home from Shanghai. When I got off the plane, I took photos of the blue sky and white clouds along the way. After two weeks, I returned to Shanghai. Much to my surprise, the blue sky in Shanghai that I liked before was not as blue as that in the US. I couldn’t help wondering what had happened.
    A few days later, I went to tour Waitan (a famous tourist attraction in Shanghai) by the Huangpu River with some of my friends. There we saw five Ferrari sports cars by the side of the road. The red and yellow cars looked so nice that everyone was looking at them. However, when I turned my head, I noticed the sky over Waitan, I was shocked to find that the buildings in the Lujiazui area on the other side of Huangpu River could hardly be seen. It was then that I realized that Ferrari cars could be bought with money, but a blue sky couldn’t.
    Shanghai is an important economic (经济的) and trade center in China. It has made great contributions (贡献) to the whole nation’s economic development. However, we need to protect the environment during economic growth. Pollution is poisoning our air and our rivers. Without clean air and rivers, how will people be able to survive?
    【小题1】The author mentioned the Ferrari sports cars in order to _______.
    A.tell us that Shanghai is a developed city
    B.ask us to stop driving sports cars
    C.tell us how much people like cars
    D.focus our attention on air pollution
    【小题2】What can we learn about the author?
    A.He comes from Shanghai.
    B.He likes to visit different places.
    C.He wants to buy a Ferrari sports car.
    D.He is socially responsible (责任).
    【小题3】Who might be interested in this passage?
    A.Those who love Ferrari sports cars.
    B.Those who care about the environment.
    C.Those who want to travel in Shanghai.
    D.Those who like to take photos.
    【小题4】What is the best title for this passage?
    A.Money Can Buy Ferraris, But Not a Blue Sky
    B.Where People Should Live
    C.Different Opinions on Cars
    D.Different Places Have Different Skies
  • 8. ----What were you doing _________ 8 last night?
    ----- While I was wandering in the street, I noticed a wallet __________ on the ground.
    A.at; laying B.on; lie C.on; laid D.at; lying

  • 9. 根据下列句子及所给汉语注释或通过上下文,写出空缺处各单词的正确形式。每空只写一词。
    【小题1】Look, the students are _____________________ ( 收集) things for Project Hope.
    【小题2】Eddie, don’t _____________________ (吓唬 ) my friend. It’s not polite.
    【小题3】Sam looks much _____________________ (健康的) than before now.
    【小题4】The workers need a _____________________ (令人愉快的) environment to work in
    【小题5】Einstein was one of the greatest _____________________ (科学家) in the 20th century.
    【小题6】I plan to go on a trip in _____________________ (七月).
    【小题7】Laughter is the best _____________________ (药).
    【小题8】We should share our sadness _____________________ of keeping them to ourselves.
    【小题9】-- Do you _____________________ that he can cook healthy and tasty meals?
    --- No. He likes telling lies to others.
    【小题10】We are going to celebrate my father’s _________________ birthday. He is 40 years old now.
  • 10. 目前,一些诸如酱紫、神马、王道、BH和MS等的网络语言在青少年中极为盛行,并出现在家庭作业、报告,甚至考试的作文中。请你以Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited(禁止)为题,根据以下要点用英语写一篇短文。
    Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited?
    At present, Internet Slang, such as "BH", "MS" has become popular among the teenagers.